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Jasper Paul is a full-time social worker. Ever since God saved his life in a fatal freak accident when he was 19, he made the decision to serve the Lord as he realised the value and fragility of life. He began working with the dying, destitute, and homeless a few months later. In 2017, he founded "The Second Chance," an NGO with a mission to spread the love of God and bring a change in society, one life at a time. They began the rescue and rehabilitation of the destitute. What began with the rescue of one old woman has now grown to four full-fledged rescue homes that can shelter about 100 people. Apart from providing complete healthcare, The Second Chance also addresses the inmates' mental and spiritual rehabilitation. The staff are trained to work with "LOVE!" The organisation operates on faith. Jasper believes, and adheres to, the principle that their work should speak louder than their request for funding.



Have you ever wondered how a single moment can transform a life and inspire a mission of compassion and change? In this captivating video, you’ll journey alongside Jasper Paul as he recounts his remarkable transformation from a rash 19-year-old to a dedicated humanitarian. Brace yourself for a heartwarming exploration of a near-fatal accident, a miraculous rescue, and a powerful reunion that will leave you deeply moved and inspired. As you watch, you’ll witness the incredible impact of Jasper Paul’s faith and determination, leading to the creation of ‘Second Chance,’ an NGO committed to helping the homeless and destitute. Be prepared to be touched by stories of redemption, healing, and the commitment to making the world a better place. Join us on this emotional and uplifting journey, and ask yourself the question: If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Discover the transformative power of one person’s dedication to changing lives for the better.


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