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The lady behind Rejoice in Christ Ministries, Leela Chandy, has been spreading the gospel of Christ through her work among street and slum dwellers. Rejoice in Christ is a ministry that is rooted in the power of the Word of God to change hearts and lives. Founded on the teachings of the Bible, they reach out to women and children in the slums, providing food and other necessities. They also have a wonderful ministry with street beggars, encouraging them to enjoy the freedom and dignity that a job brings to their lives. Leela has authored a book called "The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ."



Step into the inspiring world of Leela Chandy and Rejoice in Christ Ministries, where faith in action touches the hearts of the most vulnerable. Leela’s unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel among slum dwellers and street beggars is nothing short of extraordinary. Through Rejoice in Christ, they provide not only physical sustenance, but also spiritual nourishment rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Leela’s profound book, “The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ,” stands as a testament to her deep faith and dedication to sharing the message of salvation. In this video, you’ll witness their transformative work, gain insights into the richness of God’s grace, and be encouraged to discover your identity as a child of God, all while being inspired by the power of faith and compassion. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us on a journey of hope and love!

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