Swithun Manoharan

Sr. Vice President – TAFE




Swithun Manoharan is the Senior Vice President (Strategic Sourcing and Production Engineering) at Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE), the flagship company of the Amalgamations Group in Chennai. He graduated from the PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, in Mechanical Engineering and then went on to do his Master’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Warwick University, UK.



In this powerful and motivational talk, Swithun Manoharan shares his personal journey and the inspiring stories of individuals who have turned their worlds upside down through purpose, practice, and perseverance. From overcoming challenges in the slums of Chennai to achieving excellence in engineering and ministry, Swithun Manoharan weaves together a captivating narrative that encourages you to reflect on your own life’s purpose and potential. Through relatable anecdotes and real-life experiences, Swithun emphasises the importance of aligning your actions with your beliefs, embracing integrity in every facet of life, and seeking God’s guidance to lead a purpose-driven existence. He highlights the transformational impact of the Bible and how dedicating time to God’s Word can bring about lasting change. With passion and conviction, he urges everyone to recognize their worth, regardless of their background or circumstances, and to stand up as beacons of hope and goodness in a world that needs it more than ever. We hope Swithun Manoharan’s words sparks a fire within you to discover your purpose, live with integrity, and persevere through life’s trials to make a meaningful difference in your world.

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