Building a generation of young Indian leaders who follow Christ, serve our nation, and transform their workplaces by living lives that reflect Purpose, Integrity, and Excellence (PIE).

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SJS Selvinson

S.J.S. Selvinson is the Senior Vice President and Head of Network Performance at Reliance Jio's Corporate Head Office in Mumbai. He and his wife, Graciana Selvinson, set up the Catherine Hope Foundation in memory of their late daughter Catherine, who fought against bone cancer. This Foundation strives to help people overcome depression, aid cancer patients, and empower the differently abled in rural areas of our country.


As believers in Christ, we take great pride in our country’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Following the example of Jesus Christ who lived a life of selfless love, sacrifice, and service, we are dedicated to building a strong India – a nation that is at the forefront of development, unity, inclusiveness, and peace.

Our love for India and our people motivates us to build strong Christ-following leaders with exemplary character, who transform their workplaces by living lives of Purpose, Integrity, and Excellence (PIE), and form the foundation of a strong, prosperous nation that will continue to reach new heights.


LEADtalks reaches out and provides a platform for young professionals to hear real-life stories of people who have overcome obstacles and gone through the refining fire to become heroes in their field. Their very lives stand as a testimony that “to him who believes, all things are possible.”

The renowned speakers and mentors who are part of LEADtalks support the community of young Christ-centred professionals and give them the advice and guidance they need to go out and be the “salt and light of the earth”, building India through their love and service.

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